About Us


hakkimizdaOur company broke new ground at automotive industry in 1979 by bringing the first grinding machine to Bursa as Atik. From establishing date to 1985 it outsourced on the subjects of surface, cylindrical, centerless and hole grinding.

Between years of 1985-1993 at the address of "Demiryolu Caddesi Kaymak Sokak" maintained its production as subsidiary industry of Tofaş Automobile Factory in line 131, at firsts on products Camshaft Bracket and Cylindrical Cap Washer.

In 1993 by assuming the title of "Atik Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti",  production has continued by adding products of shift lever control coupling, oil pump bracket and toothed washer of fifth gear  in the ''Çalı Industrial Zone'' which is our current  factory address is 1000 m2 workshop, 700 m2 administrative offices to 1700 m2, 3300 m2 open area of 5000 m2 factory

In 1997  it developed its own product portfolio by stopping  Tofaş's manufactoring. In 2000's continued its production on  mould elements with a 500 types standard and more than 100 types special products at the same address.

Our factory  in 2007 by taking ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate and in 2010 9001:2008 quality certificate, at the same address as the covered area totals 1800 m2 modern factory building with high technology machinery with a quality without compromise, maintaining its activities by production of standard mould components which is close to 3000 types.

We know that the way to continuous improvement and development is through the customer satisfaction. To be a worldwide company with our experienced staff who are open to development and the administrative staff who are following all the innovations in the industry and continuously improves the quality of our products, we are maintaining our industrial activities as a continuously producing company.